AK Speed Loader Version 2


Barcode: 848754006820
AK Speed Loader Version 2




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  • AK Speed Loader Version 2 is designed for AK 7.62X39mm type magazines.
  • The AK Speed Loader will load magazines with AK 10 round stripper clips (NcSTAR AAKC AK stripper clips) or you can load up to 10 individual 7.62X39mm cartridges at a time onto the ammo tray, which is accessible from a sliding tray door.
  • AK type magazines (both polymer and metal mags) securely attach to the AK Speed Loader via a spring loaded metal magazine catch & release lever.
  • T-Handle cartridge pusher easily and effortlessly pushes up to 10 rounds into the magazine at a time. The cartridge pusher is tethered to the AK Speed Loader with a blue nylon cord, so it’s always there when you need it.
  • The cartridge pusher has a magnet imbedded into the T-Handle to extract empty steel AK stripper clips from the AK Speed Loader. The end of the cartridge pusher can also be used to strip cartridges from a loaded magazine’s feed lips.
  • Constructed of nylon re-enforced polymer, aluminum, and steel components.
  • The AK Speed Loader works with 7.62X39mm cartridges.
  • Compatible with NcSTAR® AAKC - AK 10 round steel stripper clips
  • AAKLAV2 Dimensions: 9.0”L X 5.0”W X 1.75”D
  • AAKLAV2 NET Weight: 17.5 oz.
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