Discreet Guitar Rifle Case/UGy NEW


Barcode: 848754015648
Discreet Guitar Rifle Case/UGy



CVDG3049U DISCREET GUITAR RIFLE CASE/ URBAN GRAY [848754015648] (41”L X 17.5”W X 4.5”D)

  • This guitar case style discreet Rifle Case allows you to discreetly transport two rifles which can be secured inside with hook and loop straps on internal webbing. 
  • Internal webbing has loop side for securing hook side accessories.
  • Three external pockets for carrying magazines and other accessories.
  • Large bottom external pocket (13.5”L X 11.75”W X 1”D) has three rifle magazine pouches inside.
  • Middle external pocket (12.5”L X 5”W X 1”D) has 5 elastic pistol magazine pouches inside
  • Small top external pocket (5.5”L X 6”W X 1”D) has two mesh pockets for accessories.
  • Can be carried with briefcase style carry handle, removable shoulder strap or concealable backpack straps.
  • Lockable main compartment zippers
  • Color: Urban Gray
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